The foundation of earth is one of the best creations and sanctifications of God. He has gifted us with, four types of seasons, and high-quality food from diverse sources. Allah has blessed us with a variety of senses for our proper well being along with self approval, so in that way we can develop a healthy environment. Environment is the only factor which is greatly interlinked with the inhabitants of that place, and plays a major part in safeguarding of their health. It has numerous forms including natural environment, biophysical environment, built up environment, and others.
As we all know that “health is wealth”, so it matters a lot in the appropriate performance of our body, and substantial for proper functioning of our lives. Environment delivers profound result on our well being and influences it directly or indirectly. Health is seriously affected by immunological effects falling under specific category of chemicals and radiations. Different factors such as physiological, psychological, social, mental and cultural contribute alot in apt built up of healthy environment. Other factors such as proper housing, urban development, transport and occupied land are also vital for the hale and hearty atmosphere.
Certain physical characteristics and factors regarding environment have a very innate influence on us. It involves different kind of indoor or outdoor air, smoke prevailing in air influence health badly, and causes several diseases such as respiratory disorders, inflammation in lungs etc. Dust particles suspended in air are inhaled by the individuals that are source of harmful results too, and in order to get rid of such destructive situation we should plant maximum trees. This will lead in the reduction of pollutants, provision of the dust free environment.
Some natural disasters for instance wars, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods affect human health adversely. In these circumstances lots of epidemics break out due to diverse sort of pollutants and chemicals. So people of those regions should be shifted in safe areas before their possible occurrence to avoid its damaging end results. Precautionary measures should be taken by the Government and people themselves. Government should provide sufficient quantity of food, so that they should not have to face any kind of nutritional deficiency which leads to different diseases.
Distinctive type of climatic conditions such as excess of cold in winters and hot summers also initiate many ailments. As we all know that sunlight is essential for humans because it provides them Vitamin D, inspite of its merits it also has some demerits as its ultraviolet rays affect the human health and its excess leads to sun burns etc. So we should be prepared in advance through preventive measures.
Environment should be facilitated with safe and clean water so that people shouldn’t face diseases such as typhoid or hepatitis A (acute hepatitis). Proper system of sanitation and sewage should be implemented. There should be proper disposal of medical waste such as used syringes and other medical equipments by the management. Vector control techniques should be applied to avoid unwanted mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and rodent which are responsible for polluting the environment by transmitting different kinds of pathogens. Proper systems of spraying in the environment i.e. houses, parks and the other areas should be put into operation.
Over crowding is the burning concern due to the massive migration of people. People living in small houses suffer from unhygienic conditions related to their housing or food. Members of that area should recover it by mutual contributions and efforts in collaboration with the superior authorities. Houses and working places should have enough spaces for their workers and the inhabitants. So that there is a minimum tendency for diseases to be transmit by close interaction. Last but not least, environment leaves its upshots on our health but we have to choose between a healthy or detrimental atmosphere by self effort and responsibility.

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