Claudication, derived from the latin verb claudicare, meaning “to limp”. It refers to the severe pain in legs, specifically experienced during exercise or walking. This pain is typically felt in the calf muscles, caused by the inadequate supply of blood in legs due to the hardening of arteries. Its occurrence can be ascribed due to the arterial spasm, atherosclerosis, or any blockage of artery.

Initially the pain is not very severe and a person is able to walk with it. But, as the disease becomes more severe this state will become brutal and intolerable, so the sufferer is not able to walk. Walking with flat shoes or bare foot makes it more noticeable and obvious. Because the symptoms are intermittent so they can be resolved easily by taking some rest. The signs of claudication can be imitated with other conditions like arthritis and neuropathy.

This malady can be alleviated by avoiding smoking completely if a person is chain smoker, because tobacco is harmful in various contexts. Firstly, the hardening of arteries becomes more rapid, and secondly it forms clumps in small collateral vessels which decreases the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles.
It can also be treated through cutting down cholesterol level in our diet, because it leads to put on weight more speedily. Added weight will cause difficulty for the leg muscles in carrying more blood for fulfilling the required demand. It can be controlled through taking low fat diet or cholesterol lowering drugs.

Exercise is also a good regimen in order to avoid intermittent claudication because regular exercise raises the walking intervals. When one feels that the pain has enhanced and becomes critical, then take a break until the pain ceases, and when feels relaxed then he/she can start walking again.

High blood pressure can also lead to this disorder because it deteriorates the arteries more swiftly. It can be lessened through taking low sodium diet. Wearing flat shoes can also become a source of this trouble because all the pressure exerts on it. Slightly raised heel can take some pressure off from the calf muscles and can assuage the person.

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