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Heart is the most vital organ of the human body. The foremost job of the heart is to pump the blood in the entire human body and it directs it to every part so it can distribute the energy to every cell. If this organ suffers through any trouble the whole body experiences panic during that period. It is reported in the recent research reports of WHO that 48% death are occurred due to cardiovascular diseases. But Allah Almighty has not created any disease without its treatment. Humans have been bestowed with the wisdom to find the solutions for the problems they face. So we have to do some efforts and struggle in order to cope with them efficiently. World Heart Day is a part of such efforts and it’s celebrated on 29th September all around the globe. Initially it was celebrated on every last Sunday of the month September since 1999 to 2010.

The World Heart Federation is the non-governmental organization that organizes it. It is doing great efforts with its partners and other member to create an awareness that can be recognized at international level regarding heart health. As a minimum 80% of premature deaths can be controlled that take place as a result of cardiac diseases and stroke if we restrict those factors that are the actual threatening element in this context. In order to do so proper understanding is necessary to create desirable responsiveness from the society and for this purpose different activities are arranged such as lectures, scientific discussions, health and fitness gatherings,  organized walks, shows, festivals and sporting events.

The World Heart Federation has chosen “take the road to a healthy heart” as the main idea in Year 2013. The movement focuses on a life-course approach to the avoidance and to manage heart disease with a focus on women and children, for the reason that healthy children lead to fit adults and fit adults bring about hale and hearty families and populations. The focus on the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) among women and kids will be emphasized in the current year, reinforcing the reality that from childhood through adulthood we have the chance to put a stop to the trouble of cardiac disease and stroke and arrive at the objective of a 25 per cent decline in CVD deaths by 2025.

As stated earlier, we can stay away from early deaths due to cardiac diseases if we strive to overcome and control the risky aspects that are the root cause of such consequences. These factors include high blood pressure, diabetes, raised cholesterol, overweight, smoking, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet, and increased glucose level. All of these causes are controllable if one really tries with enthusiasm and the results will be outstanding if they are monitored under the guidance of a health care expert.